Friday, October 06, 2006

Absentee and apology.

I apologize to everyone for being so absent lately. Sometimes things happen in life that take away time from others. This has been happening with me.

My 'fiance' and I have been going through a tough time lately. Our decision not to marry hit both of us harder than we thought. We've been together now for 10 years. As neither of us have the itch for children, marriage wasn't a big push for us. I didn't realize just how much postponing our marriage affected me. And because I was trying to stuff all those emotions, I exploded like a volcano a few weeks back. That's when it came out that he wasn't happy with the postponement or the possibility of no wedding. He wanted to marry me as much as I wanted to marry him.

All this translated into no blogging. I am the disappear-into-a-cave-with-no-talking-to-anyone type of person when something really bothers me. I have to work through it before I can share. And sometimes, I won't share because I am a pretty private person. Oh, I have a few good friends I might tell, but other than that, it's not something I will do until it's all over. And you, my loyal readers, are lucky because very few people know about this at all. I can count them on one hand, not including my fiance, of course.

So, all is good with the world. The wedding is back on. We are happy. The wedding is scaled back. We'll have it in our backyard in a few weeks.

As for pics, we'll see. My fiance is not too keen on having his pic shared with the world. LOL

Something exciting that has happened that I've been dying to share but couldn't until now is that Freya's Bower is going to be releasing a charity anthology (you can read about it here) to benefit a battered woman's shelter. I was invited to have one of my stories included in it. Wow! There are some really talented authors participating. That I was invited flattered me immensely. The anthology comes out February 1, 2007. My tale is titled Secret Valentines. Woot!

Okay. Time to get off here. I do have work to do. :)

I'll stop by some time to day and visit some of my favorite people. :)



Blogger CaliMarie said...

Congratulations, Kit. I'm delighted to hear you're doing what makes you happy and that you took some time out for yourself.

No one here needs to know all of your business anyhow. Not everyone shares everything with the world.


I wish you and your fiance the best.

Many hugs and much love to you both.


11:11 PM  

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