Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've had the urge to write again. I'm not sure whether I'll act on it or not. The other day while listening to some Pat Benatar, an idea for a story with a Valkyrie protagonist came to mind. Basing anything on myth requires research. While I love to research, my time is, shall we say, limited. (g) It would be a romance, of course. I'm not sure if I'd write a sex scene in it or not. That would be dictated by the characters, of course. Um, yeah, okay, if I do write it, the Valkyrie is insisting on a sex scene and some battle scenes. Bloodthirsty, horny wench! LOL This piece of art is by Boris Vallejo. He's one of my favorite fantasy modern artists.

You can purchase a copy here.

It will be set in modern times, so an urban fantasy, and Freya may, um, will make an appearance or two or three. And if I ever write it or finish it, I'm not sure if I will write it under Kit or my real name. We'll see. LOL

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Man, it's been a long time since I've blogged here. Bad! Bad! Things have changed. I have a new book up and I've outed myself. Kit Wylde is the pseudonym of Marci Baun. Yup, I'm really Marci, which is part of the reason keeping this blog up was difficult. I don't do well with subterfuge. After a bit, I had a hard time coming up with new stuff to talk about. I am so much happier now that I am out of the closet. LOL

So, there are more exciting things happening now too. I recently released a new book with Wild Child Publishing titled Hieroglyphs. A paranormal suspense with light, very light, romance, it's a quick read.

One reason I haven't been here for a while is because I lost my password. It's weird how I didn't think to use the "forgot password" option sooner. Most likely, I just didn't want to spend the time to do it. Thankfully, I remembered the answer to my secret question as I kept it to a simple one I couldn't get wrong. Well, I could, but if I did that would have spelled a lot of trouble, mental trouble. LOL So, now that I have a new password, I should be back more often. (Should being the operative word here.)

And now I feel guilty because I have a ton of work to do. Blogging is too much like fun and not enough like work. (Another reason I don't blog often.) Hopefully, I will get better at this and blog even when I don't have a new release. (It's not really new as it was released in August, but, hey, considering my last one was a few years ago, that is new. LOL)

I'll be guest blogging over at BSB Hot Romance on October 25th. I'll be posting a fun piece of flash fiction I wrote many years ago. :) It's very Halloween appropriate and tame.

All right, I've played hooky long enough. :)

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Marci just sent out a bulletin about letting us know that there is a Father's Day special on at Freya's Bower. Just enter father in the coupon code box and get 30% off on any ebook orders over $7.50. So, say you buy Last Chance (grin) and then you buy the first two chapters of The Whispering House, that takes you up to $8.25. You'll get 30% off of the order with the total being $5.78. What a bargain! (grin)

So, hop on over to Freya's Bower and pick up your books today. (grin) The sale only lasts until June 16th.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

An amazing interview.

The other day, Marci Baun, editor-in-chief of Freya's Bower, sent out a newsletter with a link to a fantastic podcast. If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to it, you must. She interviews Faith Bicknell-Brown, Freya's Bower's managing editor. It's incredible. And what's even better is that Marci sings in the music -- I think it's called a sting. I love the sting. So, now you can find them in two places:
Listen to it. You'll learn a lot.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Celebrity foreword...

While I probably won't donate a story for the D&D v.3 charity anthology, I am so excited for everyone who is. Next year's volume goes to a shelter in New Orleans that was destroyed in Katrina and hasn't been rebuilt. (Yes, what is it? Three years later?!!) In any case, we just heard from Marci, editor-in-chief of Freya's Bower, that she has secured a celebrity to write the foreword. However, she hasn't told us who yet. Isn't she a tease?! As soon as I know, I'll let you know.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this. It will bring greater visibility to this cause, more money, and help a lot of people.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hi everyone!

It's been a while I know, but I wanted to post something about a chat that a few of my friends and fellow writers are having this weekend. Please go and see them!


Follow this link to chat with them.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Marci Baun, the editor in chief of Freya's Bower and Wild Child Publishing, and Rachel, the reviewer, sent me another good review. :) This time, it was for Last Chance, my first ever romance story. I was delightfully surprised at the review. Last Chance, released back in March 2006, has been reviewed a few times, most good, a few bad. (The bad helped to toughen up my skin, although not too much. :)) I remember my first bad review. I sat down and cried. Yeah. I did. I wondered whether I should even be writing or not. Well, for a few days anyway. (grin) After I'd wallowed in self-pity and had a few pep talks/kick in the pants from some good friends, I picked myself back up and started to write again. And here I am. Writing still. Hopefully, my writing has improved since that first story. :)

Well, this newest review is good. Yeah, it is. :) Made me happy. :) It' s not hard to make me happy, especially if you want to praise my writing. LOL Yes, yes, I do have a bit of an ego. I am an artiste, you know.

So, here is the review:

"Kit Wylde has weaved such a funny story of two people destined to be together... Ms. Wylde's style is easy to read and pulls you in on the first page. Last Chance is a perfect little book for a lazy afternoon..."

4 Angels from Rachel C., Fallen Angel Reviews

Thank you, Rachel, for a wonderful review and making my day. :)