Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Whispering House: Book 1

After her mother's death, Eleanor Radcliffe leaves her job in San Jose and sells her parents' house. She retreats to a small house outside of Fresno. But her house hides a secret, and when things start to happen that can't be explained, who will help her? Her mysterious neighbor Michael Stevens? The handsome sheriff Rodney Tyler who answers her panicked calls? Or is she doomed?

Read an excerpt.

Gone and away for too long. I am back and promise to be better. There has been a lot going on here, but that's no excuse to be silent. Right now, I am chatting at the Yahoo group Novelspotters with a slew of other Freya's Bower authors. We will be there all weekend. It's easy to join and participate. You could even win a copy of my newest release The Whispering House, available at Freya's Bower. The Whispering House is a chapter book. There's some erotica, but it's a paranormal with hints of horror. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

School begins after Labor Day, but I go back into work, meetings and classroom prep, in a few weeks. Boy has the summer flown by! I enjoy teaching most of the time. Hopefully this year, my class will be as good as last year's. You just never know. A lot depends on the dynamics between the students. I can handle it, but life is easier when personalities complement rather than clash.

I also already have a review of The Whispering House at Cocktail Reviews. This is what they say:

"Very well written, The Whispering House packs many images into the first book."

A Whole Bottle of Champagne from Cranberry Kiss
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews
Read the entire review.

BTW, Emily Ryan-Davis wants to know what your latest Muse-ic flirtation is.

Okay. I'm going back to the chat.

See you there!


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