Friday, February 23, 2007

On the lighter side

I am addicted to Men In Tree and Ugly Betty. Oh, and I should probably fess up to enjoying American Idol as well. Yes, it's my dirty, little secret. However, I am peeved, you know. Yes, peeved. Last night, I waited with great anticipation to see my latest fix of MIT and UB. I knew AI was on, but as much as I may enjoy it, MIT and UB are by far my favorites. And I can easily go without seeing AI on Thursday. I am more interested in watching the contestants perform than who is kicked off. It's a waste of time to watch an entire two hour show when I'm not really going to say anything new. I can find out via the internet.

So, I was really disappointed Thursday night to discover my two favorite shows weren't on. Is it because of the Oscars? Is it because they don't want to compete with AI? Is it just to frustrate the hell out of me? I mean, how can they expect to have their audience stay loyal if they don't give us weekly fixes for our addiction? (And I am addicted. Completely. However, I won't continue to be addicted if I don't get a fix soon. LOL)

Instead, I watched Grey's Anatomy. It's not my favorite show, because, for the most part, it's too angst-ridden for me, but it sucked me in on Thursday. LOL And then, of course, something happened right before I saw the ending, and I thought Meredith died. I was not happy about that, even if I am not a big fan. It seems stupid to kill off the main character, IMHO. Perhaps I will watch it next Thursday to see how she is doing.

So, do any of you have favorite shows? Are you ever frustrated when the producers don't come out with new segments (not the word I am looking for, but I can't think of it at the moment) every week during the season? Do you want to strangle them for teasing you then saying, "Neener, neener, neener"?



Thursday, February 15, 2007

An Apology.

I haven't been around much at all. Okay, none. I am sorry. There was some family drama that is still going on. Not between DH and I, but my immediate family. While this is not uncommon, it's just a bit more intense than usual beginning with Thanksgiving and all through Christmas. I have to say, it's made writing and doing anything else beyond work and spending time with DH difficult. I can't focus on much of anything.

There are times I wish I wasn't a member of such a large family. Siblings can be a blessing... and a curse. I have three sisters and two brothers. Yes, a large family. I am in the middle some where there. Because of the way my mother is, there is a great deal of jealousy. (sigh) I try to stay out of it most of the time, but it has been impossible lately. And it's sooo draining. I have no energy every time I talk on the phone to one of my siblings. "Did you hear what Mom did now? or what S did? or..."

It's not that I don't care. I do, but I just don't want to be in that loop any more. I spent many years dealing with my own jealousies and finally letting them go. I've come to accept how my mother is and her actions and realize they have nothing to do with me, but it's hard to stay objective sometimes, especially when it's the favorite sibling that is suffering.

Okay. I am done with the pity post. I promise to be back more often.