Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On vacation...

Yeah, it's 4:18 am here. We leave for the airport in a few minutes to catch a 6:45 am flight to Los Angeles and then off to Hawaii. I'm sorry. I didn't get a chance to put an excerpt out, but I will try. I have a laptop that will go with me on our vacation. I'll see if I can manage something from that. I'll be back on the 5th of August, late. I probably won't check this much, although I might come in and occasionally post, but that might be a week or two.

The next time you see me, I'll probably be in Hawaii mindset. :)

Enjoy your summer!


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Because I am completely insane...

I submitted my ebook, Last Chance, to Literary Sass. I am assuming that I will be shredded. Why? Well, my reviews have been lukewarm, except for two, both who quite loved my book. (Cali and Janalee at Love Romances) My readers seem to enjoy it, but I never know what the darn reviewers want. I mean, seriously, they say nice things, then give me three stars. (shrug) It's like someone saying, "I love you", then slapping you in the face. LOL Of course, if you like that kind of thing, then kudos for you, but most of us don't. LOL

What can you do? Reviewers are reviewers. Like everyone else, they have their own opinions. Why we put ourselves through all of this is a mystery to me? I mean, as an artiste (big shit-eating grin), aren't we supposed to be sensitive and tragic? Not this writer, baby.

I popped in to do this and then I am off to Hawaii on July 5th. Why the 5th and not before the 4th? Have you checked to see how much the cost of everything goes up in HI over the 4th of July. Sure, I'd love to see the fireworks over the Pacific Ocean, but I'll watch it over Millerton Lake instead. (grin) If I can save $500, I'll do it.

Also, I am starting a contest for those of you who have read my ebook. And if I feel up to it, I'll put in an excerpt here too for those of you who haven't invested the $4.75 to read this scintillating piece of literature. (grin) You can purchase it here.

Okay. What do you get? Let me show you a photo:

What are they? They are silver-stamped earrings with blue topaz worth about $60. To enter, just put "Last Chance Earring Contest" in the subject line, the answer to this question: What is the name of the female ghost in Last Chance?, and a quick "hello" to me. :) The contest ends on August 9th, three days after I return. Although I will check my email between now and then, I won't have the earrings with me to mail until I return home. :) Oh, and email me at kwylde @ hotmail . com -- without the spaces. :)

Happy reading!