Monday, December 03, 2007

Marci Baun, the editor in chief of Freya's Bower and Wild Child Publishing, and Rachel, the reviewer, sent me another good review. :) This time, it was for Last Chance, my first ever romance story. I was delightfully surprised at the review. Last Chance, released back in March 2006, has been reviewed a few times, most good, a few bad. (The bad helped to toughen up my skin, although not too much. :)) I remember my first bad review. I sat down and cried. Yeah. I did. I wondered whether I should even be writing or not. Well, for a few days anyway. (grin) After I'd wallowed in self-pity and had a few pep talks/kick in the pants from some good friends, I picked myself back up and started to write again. And here I am. Writing still. Hopefully, my writing has improved since that first story. :)

Well, this newest review is good. Yeah, it is. :) Made me happy. :) It' s not hard to make me happy, especially if you want to praise my writing. LOL Yes, yes, I do have a bit of an ego. I am an artiste, you know.

So, here is the review:

"Kit Wylde has weaved such a funny story of two people destined to be together... Ms. Wylde's style is easy to read and pulls you in on the first page. Last Chance is a perfect little book for a lazy afternoon..."

4 Angels from Rachel C., Fallen Angel Reviews

Thank you, Rachel, for a wonderful review and making my day. :)