Saturday, March 31, 2007

A good review! Yahoo!

Just a quick excerpt from the review:

"Last Chance is one of those stories that stick in the mind... Words put together in such a way that they sing from the page... Susan’s emotions and needs are well crafted..."

4 Champagne Flutes from Bloody Mary, Cocktail Reviews
Read the review.

Read an excerpt or buy my book. :)

It's nice to see someone enjoyed it as much as I did. :)

The Worst Blogger

I have got to be the worst blogger. I always promise I will come here and blog at least once a week, but life just seems to get in the way. It's not necessarily that I have much of a life, but I talk so much during the day, when I sit down to write out my thoughts, my head is empty... except for story ideas and where my current WIP is going. My head is full of ideas. Original ideas? Um, probably not. You'd have to be Eve to have an original thought, and even then, it's possible Lilith might have had it first. LOL

Which brings me to a show I watched last night. We tape certain shows as we are frequently too busy to watch them when they are on. My favorite shows, Ugly Betty and Men in Trees, is so rarely on as new episodes that I am stuck watching things like The Apprentice, which we don't care that much about any more, but will watch when we are in the need of some veg time AND there is literally nothing else on. This particular one has languished since Sunday. We finally watched it last night. (See, if it had been Ugly Betty or Men in Trees, you can bet I'd have been all over it within a day or two.)

Anyway, there is supposedly this couple who have fallen for each other. The guy who had been the winning project manager was told by Trump that he had to send one of their team members over to the other team. The guy chose the female member of the couple. Her male counterpart didn't say a word. He didn't fight for her or say why she should stay. He did nothing. Needless to say, she wasn't too happy with him. (BTW, the remaining guys on the team are a bunch of cutthroat scumbags. If Trump hires one of them, I'd be worried. They'll do anything to win. Maybe that's what Trump wants, but, personally, I wouldn't be able to trust someone like that.) Her male counterpart (HMC) didn't get how he had betrayed her. Neither did the other guys. All of the women did, of course. Well, maybe some of the other guys did get it as they were a bit quiet about the whole subject, at least what we saw, anyway.

I told my honey that it just goes to show how differently women think. Then Trump came on and blew that theory out of the water. LOL He told the woman she should dump HMC like a hot potato for betraying her or make HMC work really hard to win her back. My thought on this: Nope. HMC had his chance. There are many other good men out in the world. Why waste your time on one that's already proven he will betray you? Not very forgiving, but it's rare indeed that a leopard changes its spots, and if HMC doesn't understand why his love is mad...

See, I can take anything that is of little or no importance and turn it into something that matters to no one but me. Well, I suppose this does matter the woman on The Apprentice, but why should I care. And I don't... At least not that much. I use this kind of stuff to keep my mind off of my own family drama. And we have drama.

The mother: quintessential drama queen who weaned herself on the perfect guilt trip by five years of age. (May not be true as I wasn't there, but she's been doing it so long that I imagine she did start very young.) It doesn't help that she enjoys her alcohol... and goes to church every Sunday and preaches about everyone else's failings and immorality. She believes in being "truthful", or her brand of truth, and that truth usually includes everyone else being wrong and responsible for her present and past mistakes. (I suppose we all do this to some degree, but she's perfected it through the years.)

The father: Divorced mother a number of years ago. I understand completely. And, yes, I imagine there is a small part of me that does love my mother and wishes she loved me, but after years of abuse, it's understandable that I try to stay as far away from her as I possibly can. In any case, he's since remarried, although no kids. He didn't want any more (there are five of us), nor did his wife. Besides which, he has to pay alimony and had to pay child support. (Everyone is grown now.) He is happy and lives far enough away that he doesn't run in the same circles as my mother.

The oldest son: a pillar of the community. He goes to church, but managed to escape the judgmental nature of our mother. He takes after our father as he seems to do it more to please his wife who is nothing like our mother. With three children to put through college, both of them work and have a great relationship. Of my siblings, he's the only "normal" one.

The oldest daughter: the drama princess. She is more like our mother. While she doesn't drink (she attends AA), she is responsible for nothing as well. Her husband is no beauty either. Their children... I feel sorry for them. The girl is in high school. Bright, pretty, and rebellious. My sister, of course, has no idea how to handle her. I try to be a steadying force for the girl and she does listen to me. A few more years and she'll be in college. She can't wait. Their son is a froshman. He is more interested in video games that in life. Personally, I think it's to escape the constant drama surrounding him. His sister pushes her parents' buttons, on purpose. She'll come home ten minutes late just to needle her mother. While that may not seem bad to any of you, my sister is all about being prompt and on time. Ten minutes might as well be two hours. When my sister and mother join forces, it's a Shakespearean tragedy. No, it's never anything bright and happy. Being happy makes them miserable.

Me: I try to stay out of everything. I don't care for drama. I suppose, in that way, I am like my father. If I could divorce my mother and sister, I would. Yes, I love them. They are family. That does not mean I have to like them all of the time. They do have their moments, but for the most part, no.

The second to youngest sister: Ran away at the age of 17. She made contact with us when she turned 18 (three months later) to let us know she was okay and going to college, but just couldn't take our mother any more. My oldest sister never forgave her, neither did Mom. While I couldn't applaud her methods, I commended her for gumption AND staying on track. She got her law degree and is doing very well now... on the other side of the country. Like me, she didn't have any children either. With our childhood, I can't blame her. She doesn't attend Christmas or any family functions that might include the mother and oldest sister, but she will come out with significant other (she refuses to marry) and visit both my brother, baby sister and I on occasion. (Something my mother harps about. My mother thinks I shouldn't have anything to do with her. Obviously, I listen to my mother. LOL)

The baby or affectionately known as "the brat": She's not really a brat, but is the golden child. In my mother's eyes, she can do no wrong. "The Brat" learned early how to work our mother. She can do whatever she wants and still be perfect. (shrug) It works for her. She's a good actress, although that's not her job even if it should be. LOL She's married and has one kid. The girl is well adjusted and aspires to be... you guessed it: an actress. The oldest sister is immensely jealous of her, as OS lives to please Mother and "The Brat" lives to irk our oldest sister. (Not hard to do, really. Breathing will upset her at times.)

In any case, the drama is at a reasonable level right now. (In other words, I have once again tuned it out with lots of yoga and meditation, which horrifies both my mother and oldest sister.) I have stayed away from them for the past couple of months, so am happy. We have Spring Break approaching. I am looking forward to that. My hubby is well, so all is good.

Hopefully, this signals a fruitful time for my writing. LOL