Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

No time to chat, but I wanted to wish everyone a good one. Here's to eating until we can't move without the guilt. (Okay, there will be the guilt, but damn, it's Thanksgiving and an American tradition to stuff ourselves. LOL So enjoy!)


Friday, November 10, 2006


After staying silent for quite some time, I finally can't anymore. A few months ago, a review from Enchanted Ramblings reviewed Last Chance and gave it 4.5 magic wands. One would think this would excite me. Well, it would... if I could understand why they gave it such a high rating. You see, there was very little good said in the review. The reviewer, who obviously knows nothing about New Age beliefs, also said: "I found the mixture of contemporary New Age mixed with the more paranormal possibilities a bit jarring, as they didn’t seem to go together too well, but I really enjoyed the inclusion of the ghosts." Okay, so they liked the ghosts. The ghosts are fun, but I don't understand how someone can review something if they know nothing about the material. It's just me. What can I say? (shrug) So, I had to get this off of my chest. It's been bugging me to no end, I tell you. And pissed me off not a little.

You see, my mother is a Bible thumper. Okay, she doesn't thump the Bible; she beats the Bible... hard. I never understood Christianity as explained by her. I couldn't wrap my head around the righteous, jealous god she preached about. Luckily, I have an aunt whose beliefs are firmly in the New Age camp. She introduced me to many things and let me know that I wasn't crazy or evil just because I saw things and experienced things that my mother said the Bible claimed to be of Satan. My aunt reads Tarot, believes in past lives, exorcises ghosts, and meditates every day. I could also name a number of New Age gurus who have had numerous experiences with what is termed "paranormal". Christianity believes in demons and angels; why can't New Age include paranormal too?

Sometimes, if something doesn't fit in the box, people don't like it. My confusion stems from the person liking the book, but not giving me any reason to believe he/she liked it.

In case you didn't find the link for the review, it's here: Please weigh in and tell me what you think. :)

Okay. I feel better. :)