Monday, September 04, 2006

Home again.

Yes, I've been home for nearly a month, but returned to a mess and had to clean it up. My classroom was painted over the summer, which is fine, but I wasn't informed this would happen, and as a result, all of my books and teaching materials were stuffed in unmarked boxes, which took me hours to shift through and return to their spots in the bookshelves, etc.

As for my WIP, not a word was typed. Honestly, I spent most of my time wandering the island and just enjoying the quiet time with my fiance. And our wedding has been postponed, but that's another story. It's good, though. No worries. We've been together for ten years now. When I turned 38, I thought that we needed to really commit to each other, which we already are. While in Hawaii, I realized that we were committed to each other and that a piece of paper wouldn't change my feelings for him or his feelings for me. We don't plan on having kids, so marriage is unnecessary. Our wills are set to each other as are our insurance policies. In the eyes of California law, we are married through common law. Or we will be in less than a year, as we've been living together for almost seven. And, to be honest, I was not enjoying the preparations for it. Way too stressful! LOL I do not want to be a bridezilla. (grin)

I can't say that a part of me isn't disappointed. I mean, what woman from my era doesn't have a fantasy of walking down an aisle in a beautiful gown? But the rest of me is relieved. Maybe we'll elope. I'll wear a scarlet short number with stilletto heels (ack!) and look like a hot mama!

I will post photos later.

So, I'm back, everyone! Yes, I can hear the applause. LOL